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Title of presentation
Academic year 2018/2019
Lillian Kolbenson Using GIS, Lidar, and Drone Imagery to Visually Represent Landslide Cutback at Deer Run Heights, Jeffersonville, VT
Academic year 2015/2016
Nasser Abdel-Fatah Implications of Climate Change
Shayna Bennett E-waste Recycling: A Threat in Developing Countries
Brynn Cairns Research on the Reuse of Plastic Waste
Kelsey Carrier Water Quality in the Sudan
Kasie Craig Offshore Wind Turbines
Steven Eng Human Population Dynamics
Bridget Giles Deforestation in the Amazon
Amanda Keilty Scarcity of Water in the Western United States
Steven Lamonde Insecticides and Ornithology
Heather Murphy Preserving Biodiversity with Biological Corridors
Miranda Ovitt Unemployment in the United States
Shelby Rosten Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels
Mikaela Rutter Genetic Biodiversity
Academic year 2013/2014
Joseph Grzyb Fishing For the Future: Aquaculture and Aquaponics
Brian Lima Hydraulic Fracturing
Melissa Mattei Conflict Minerals
Zach Murdock Greenhouse Gases and Their Effect on Global Climate Change

Academic year 2009/2010

Tim Cassese

Solid Waste Production

Roger Conant

Water Resource use and Conflict in the Middle East

Aiden Gilbert

The Growth and Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops

Vincent Graziano

Return of the Wolf Population to New England

Derick Lind

Impacts of Deforestation in the Amazon Basin

Ursa Swift

The Effects of Climate Change on Animal Species

Academic year 2007/2008

Jacob Austin

California Condors

Chris Brookfield

Oceanic Pollution

Jayson Davis

The Importance of Healthy Dunes and Coastal Management

Stephanie Lees

Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees

Joanna Oakley

Science, Connections, and Ideas for K-6 Students

James Spatafora

Saltwater Intrusion of Coastal Aquifers in the US

Zach Thomas

Green Building Technology

Natalie Vaillancourt

Diminishing Permafrost's Impact on Global Warming

Academic year 2005/2006

Eric Ballou

French Hill Greenstone

Devin Corey

Wildlife Management

Adam Crowle

Renewable Energy Efficient Materials and Construction Methods

Maria Cuccinello

Georges Bank Fisheries

Greg Cunningham

Habitat Fragmentation in the Northern Rocky Mountain Bioregion

Ryan Dower

Landslide Remediation

Annitra Ferderer

Recycling Electronic Waste

Kenneth Foote

Coyotes: Predator and Prey

Jeffrey Girard


Kelli Lightfoot

Invasion of the Great Lakes Sea Lamprey

Jessica Pollock

The Florida Everglades

Jessica Putnam

Sustainable Energy and Our Future

Keith Riley

Global Warming and Vermont's Winter Economy

Ian Smith

Influence of Particle Size on the Ability of Limestone to Neutralize Acid Rain

Academic year 2003/2004

Tim Glowac

Desalination Plants

Brian Governale

Coastal Development in the United States

Eric Labor

Banning Lead For Outdoor Sporting

Melissa Manka

Household Energy Efficiency and Conservation: Making a World of Difference

Erik Marsteller

Power Deregulation, Air Pollution, and You

Tom Mulcahy

The Effects of Global Warming on New England Forests

Danielle Salant

The Future of Food: A Look at Genetically Modified Foods

Robyn Shepheard

Perisistent Organic Pollutants

Jessi Travers

The Intrusion Of Humans in the Wilderness and the Management of Our National Forests

Academic year 2002/2003

Jamey Charter

Point-source Polluters of the Air

Kristy Grejtak

Wetland Preservation: Wetlands for the Next Generation

Belle Lockwood

Wastewater Treatment

Deborah Towne

The Air We Breathe: Off-Road Vehicles and Pollution

Paul Zannelli

Save The National Forestry Management Act

Academic year 2001/2002    (* indicates PowerPoint presentation)

Nicholas Bartlett

Riparian Restoration

Jesica Blake, Rhonda Fitzgerald, and Michael Goodale*

Nuclear Power Plant Accidents

Eric Boissonneault and Bill Palmer*


Amie Farrell and Robyn Shepheard*

Fuel Cells: The Clean Energy of Tomorrow

Melanie Gross and Thomas Johnston*

Yucca Mountain: A Study in Disaster

Michael Jorda

Wind Energy

Dan Lovell and Jesse Therrien*

US Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Jeff MacMullen and Michael Brex*

The Future of Power: Wind Energy

Paul Planz

The Effects of Acid Rain on Vermont's Forests

Allen Van Anda

Sustainable Agriculture in Vermont

Allen Van Anda and Jamey Charter*

Petroleum: The World's Energy Resource

Academic year 2000/2001

Eric Boissonneault

The Environmental Impacts of Hydropower Production

Chris Callahan

Rainforest Deforestation

Collin Fahey

Water Resources in the Middle East

Dan Grykien

Transportation and Storage of Nuclear Waste

Aaron Guilfoyle

Dioxin in Our Life

Chris Ingram

Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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